Featured: Gina @ Behind The Pages

This week we’re featuring the lovely Gina from Behind The Pages!


Blog: Behind the Pages
Name: Gina
Age: 20
State: South Sydney, NSW

How long have you been blogging?
A few years now. When I started I was still in school, so I didn’t have time to really spend on blogging and perfecting my posts, like I do now. It feels like I’m starting back from scratch, but the blog’s already made! And now, after a few makeovers, and a name change (with thanks to Kelly @ Diva Booknerd), it looks perfect!

Other than reviews, what can we expect to see on your blog?
Free b ookmarks, exclusive Aussie blog tours & giveaways, interviews, guest posts, and I also do Stacking the Shelves every week.

What are some of the highlights of your blogging career?
It feels like there are so many! The most recent, would be changing my blog from free blogger, to my own domain. I was so hesitant, and I had the best help from Kelly, because I wanted to stay with blogger! It was all so easy because of her. Another, would be meeting so many authors, either online or in person! I recently met Lynnette Lounsbury, Australian author of Afterworld (Allen & Unwin), and before that, Samantha Shannon, Juliette Mariller (my absolute favourite author of all time), Lauren Oliver and Lauren Kate. Oh, and last but not least, was all the author responses for my bookmarks. I have a whole heap of authors requesting copies of my bookmarks whenever I print! And Kristen Day (Daughters of the Sea Series), has even made these as her official bookmarks and had them professionally printed! Definitely a great feeling getting these back in the post from her.

Share with us some of your favourite genres:
I love anything YA. If I had to refine it, I would say Dystopian and Fantasy, but I always like a bit of romance in the book…. or a lot of romance…. I love kick-arse heroines, they always make the story more interesting, and the pages always fly by. I love being put on the edge of my seat, and not expecting what is going to happen next. I don’t like horror, not because it’s supposed to be scary, but because it actually doesn’t seem to scare me, and I don’t enjoy it as it’s intended. I’m always out to try new things though.

Share with us some of your favourite books or series:
Definitely the first on my list is the Sevenwaters series by Juliet Marillier (if I had to choose favourites, the second book (Son of the Shadows) would have to be my favourite, then the first (Daughter of the Forest). I love all of Juliet’s books. Even though the Sevenwaters series is my favorite, these shouldn’t be forgotten: The Immortal Rules, These Broken Stars, Throne of Glass, and lots more.

sonofshadows daughterofforest immortalrules throneofglass thesebrokenstars

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